Before the Apple Charter Members !
othg 1988 flyer charter members>

First Club Meeting Cake to Celebrate First Cruise Nite !
first meeting first cruise

Jason'sFirst Cruise Nite at Jason's
Jason's cruise nite at Jason's

Artwork First Graffiti Run 1989 Building the T ..... W.Mullins, D.Foust, G.Roberts
Artwork 1st Graffiti Run Building the T

Work on T Bucket Progresses Brad King Pinstriping the T in the Mall
Building the T B. King Pinstriping

Cooks on BreakPresenting Check to Cooper Home
Cooks on Break Presenting Check

Fifties ArtworkDave Foust ,Green Cap; 2nd Graffiti Run 1990
Fifties Artwork Graffiti Run 1990

Cooper Home DonationProceeds From 2nd Annual Graffiti Run
Cooper Home Donation Money Money Money

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels